Construction Walk Throughs

316 Scofield Road

316 Scofield Road Pre-construction

4308 Darwin Circle

4308 Darwin Circle Midway Through Renovation

3636 Conway Avenue

3636 Conway Avenue Pre-construction

3636 Conway Avenue Gutted!

3636 Conway Avenue Midway Through Renovation

1000 Camborne Lane

1000 Camborne Lane Pre-construction

1000 Camborne Lane Final Walk Through

6708 Rugby Lane

6708 Rugby Lane Pre-construction

6708 Rugby Lane Midway Through Renovation

6708 Rugby Lane Final Walk Through

4135 Sudbury Road

4135 Sudbury Road Pre-construction

4135 Sudbury Road Midway Through Renovation

4135 Sudbury Road Final Walk Through

1031 Keystone Court

1031 Keystone Court Start of Construction

1031 Keystone Court Midway Through Renovation

4650 Butterwick Lane

4650 Butterwick Lane Midway Through Renovation

4650 Butterwick Lane Final Walk Through

6423 Farmingdale Drive

6423 Farmingdale Drive Pre-construction

6423 Farmingdale Drive Midway through Renovation

6423 Farmingdale Drive Final Walk Through

1644 Anderson Street

1644 Anderson Street Pre-construction

1644 Anderson Street Early Stages of Renovation

1644 Anderson Street Midway Through Renovation

1644 Anderson Street Final Walk Through


“ Life without my old property is definitely less stressful. I do miss my house, but not the debt. I really appreciate all that you and your company did for me in the handling of my home sale. ”

Cathy T. (Short Sale)