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Company Background

Pike Properties is a full service real estate solutions company that was founded by two long term friends, Matthew Connolly and Anthony Moore. When these two friends met years ago in college, it was apparent they were both destined to make a difference and create something really special. It has taken many years and the road that ultimately lead to the creation of Pike Properties was very different for both of these men.

The two met while attending Northeastern University, located in Boston, Massachusetts. After just one year of big city life in the Northeast, the two decided it was time to move their lives a little farther south. The two transferred to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington to pursue both a business degree as well as a better quality of life. As most people do, the two fell in love with the warm weather and warm people, of the south. It was an easy decision and was certain, that this was where the two would, at some point, “make their mark.”

After graduating, the two took very different paths. Anthony remained in Wilmington and began a career in real estate, specifically land development. Over the next few years, Anthony became very successful and became the top producing sales agent for the largest privately owned land developer in the country.

Matt, however, took a very different path, one that had nothing to do with the real estate industry in fact. Matt began a career with Toshiba Business Solutions as an account executive. Over the next five years, he worked his way up to ultimately becoming a general sales manager. During his career in the office equipment industry he acquired skills that allowed him to excel in business development and team management.

For years the two dreamed of creating their own business and fantasized about what and where it would start. After earning their stripes and gaining the knowledge to successfully create and build that business, the two finally fulfilled that dream.

Company Mission

When a passion for real estate is combined with talented individuals, who have an uncompromising drive to succeed, amazing things will happen. At Pike Properties, our goal is to share that passion with our clients and provide the absolute highest level of service. In order to achieve this goal, our actions are guided by four fundamental principles known as P.I.K.E.

Company Vision: Pike Properties will be the leading full service real estate solutions company that is dedicated improving the community in which we live and work. We will realize this objective, by seeking out individuals who have both, a passion for real estate, and an uncompromising dedication to success. By creating an environment in which those people have the opportunity to accomplish greatness, we will undoubtedly create wealth and enrich the lives of those that work for the company, as well as work with the company.

Anthony Moore Bio

Anthony Moore co-founder of Pike Properties formed the Charlotte based real estate investing firm in early 2008. He comes to you with nearly 300 total real estate transactions under his belt and over a decade of real estate experience. He spent his mid 20’s cutting his teeth in real estate selling land across the country and in the Bahamas. In less than 2 years, Mr. Moore’s real estate career exploded achieving the rising star award as well as the circle of excellence award in his field for selling over $30 million in real estate in a single year.  After 3 short years in the land development industry, he left that industry to form 2 companies, Pike Properties and Pike Realty with long-time friend and business partner Matt Connolly.

Today Anthony, known as “Professor Moore” in the industry, is a key component of FortuneBuilders’ nationwide coaching program as their Head Coach. Through the years, he has hosted over 500 hours of live virtual real estate trainings. He has had the privilege of teaching 1000’s of students across the country how to safely, effectively, and ethically invest.  During that time he has been a keynote speaker on various real estate topics throughout the country. Many of his passions outside of real include learning about the mind and metaphysics. As a Certified NLP Practitioner and Reiki Master he strives to complete himself as the whole person and connect with his students and clients on multiple levels.

“There’s something special about being a real estate investor. You have a unique opportunity when you make real estate your career. You’re taking what is for many a fantasy or dream job and making it your reality. Meeting with homeowners that truly need help and providing a unique solution to their needs, is so incredibly rewarding.  Real estate offers me a platform to continually grow, learn, and connect with others. I simply can’t imagine doing something else.”

Matt Connolly Bio

matt-connolyMatt Connolly, is co-founder of Pike Properties, but his background did not begin in real estate. After graduating from University of North Carolina at Wilmington with a degree in marketing, he migrated to Charlotte and began a career in the office equipment business. Matt started his journey as a entry level sales executive, but quickly moved up to a product specialist and subsequently a into a management role.

After proving his ability to lead, he was promoted to Sales Manager of a struggling branch in Greensboro. Within 12 months, he and his team were able to turn the location around to become one of the most profitable branches in the company. After proven himself with that turnaround, he moved to Florida to be part of a start-up office equipment business and earning a “sweat” equity position in the company.

Still feeling unsatisfying professionally, it was clear that he needed to start his own company and follow his passion – real estate. Leaving Florida and returning to Charlotte in 2008, Pike Properties was born. He began the company with long time friend and fraternity brother Anthony Moore.

Together the two have gained knowledge an all aspects of real estate investing. Early on they were fortunate to be mentored by Than Merrill and Paul Esajian, stars of A&E’s television show “Flip This House”. The knowledge gained by learning their systems and techniques was a huge factor in the success of the company.

After years of successfully implementing their proven investment and business building strategies, Than & Paul asked Matt to join their education company Fortune Builders. It was time for things to come full circle and give that same knowledge to the next generation of investors. Matt accepted a role as a public speaker, trainer and facilitator. For 2 years he traveled the country as the keynote speaker for 3-day real estate workshops. During that time, he was able to help countless people transform their dream of becoming a real estate investor into a reality. During his tenure as a public speaker, he was able to speak to over 15,000 students and accumulated over 1,200 hours of stage time.

After 2 years on the road it was time to settle back down at home and do two things. Expand his family and take Pike Properties to the next level. Both happened on the same day in fact. On June 2nd, Matt’s son Ethan was born and he also officially became a licensed general contractor. How about that for timing?


“ It has been a pleasure working so closely with your company over the last year we have known one another. As you know, I have the privilege to teach thousands of students from across the country about real estate. ”

Than Merrill A&E’s Flip This House

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